Many reasons to visit, many more reasons to stay in Kennewick.

Nestled in the southeast corner of Washington lies Kennewick, the largest of the Tri-Cities. And while it is true that Kennewick has much to offer for those wanting to visit it has even more to offer for those who are seeking a place to call home. With a strong and expanding job market as well as affordable housing and plenty of activities for those both young and old Kennewick is a winner in anyone’s book.


Kennewick has its roots in farming. This continues today with numerous apple and cherry orchards as well as the many vineyards that dot the area. In 1804 Lewis and Clark passed through this region on their way to the Pacific Ocean. There is both a park and an interpretive center where they camped at the confluence of the Snake and Columbia Rivers. One hundred years later in 1904 Kennewick became incorporated as an official city. As the years went by other industries came into the area with Hanford coming on board during World War II. With population currently hovering around 80,000 and a solid job market Kennewick continues to be well positioned for the future.

Growth does not mean a loss of community. With over 27 public parks and other facilities with activities for every age one will find much to choose from. From boating, athletic complexes, aquatic facilities, and numerous sports leagues, to biking and walking trails there is something for everyone. Add to this over 160 wineries within a fifty mile radius one can easily find something to suit his or her interests. Regarding our retired residents there are numerous activities as well. Check out our historic downtown area as well as one of the many picnic shelters located at one of our public parks. Additionally the Kennewick Senior Center offers a wide range of classes and activities to keep one busy and challenged. Offered classes include health and fitness, crafts, aerobic dancing, and acrylic and watercolor painting to name just a few.  Also, there are guest speakers, trips to a variety of destinations as well as many volunteer opportunities.

This is just a snapshot as there is much more to see and do in Kennewick.

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