Kennewick School District

Kennewick School District is one of the largest employers in the city of Kennewick.  Kennewick runs thirteen elementary schools, four middle schools, and three high schools.  The district has a lot to offer to every child from traditional schools, private schools, homeschools, to STEM Based schools, to Trade Skill schools.  Kennewick was rated to have one of the top 20 hottest Real Estate markets in the US. New growth among the district shows with new schools opening in August.  According to Great Schools website, Kennewick has four of the top-rated schools.  Check out School Scout for some of the top-rated neighborhoods for Kennewick schools.  No matter where you live in Kennewick or Finely the schools district is sure to fit every schooling need.

 Elementary Schools-

 Middle Schools-

High Schools-

Please note: School Districts   boundaries are always changing click link for more detailed information.