Why use a Realtor® to Market Your Home?

Did you know that Sellers who use a Realtor® get over 20% more money for the sale of their home? Who wouldn’t want to take that to the bank?!  That’s almost 4 times the amount you will pay a Realtor®. So why wouldn’t you use a trained professional to get the most for your money?

There are over 700 Realtors in the Tri-Cities area all who subscribe and watch the MLS listings. They all have a plethora of buying clients they are watching the market for to buy homes.  Right there is just one of a number of methods a Realtor® uses advertisement available to market your home.   Realtor® spend their careers perfecting and fine turning their negotiating tools and skills.  Let your Realtor® use their skills to get you the most money for your home sell.

Pricing is Key-

Realtors know the ever-changing market.  We spend our days viewing and showing houses.  We know what sells and what clients want.  Between experience and computerize tools you can rest knowing your money will not be left on the table.

Stage your Home-

Face it, buyers want to see your home, not all your stuff.  This is an important fact in getting the most for your money and a quick sale.  I will help with ideas for making your home more appealing to all buyers. These are just some of the useful tools Realtors use.  Call Terra Collins to hear more about her full marketing plan. Get the most money for your home sell.

Now that’s something you can hang your hat on!