West Richland Schools-

Education and our schools.

West Richland is served by the Richland School District and is known for its high level of quality education. Whether it be PK, elementary, middle school, high school, or alternative options such as homeschool quality education is easy to find. This is evident by the numerous awards and competitive state championships that have been accorded to our schools. Often posting first place in everything from math and science, engineering, and journalism to theater and art, these schools and all those who have contributed have much to be proud of.

Small is big….. and good

Whether it be its safe neighborhoods, excellent schools,  or its abundant outdoor activities West Richland has much to offer for anyone looking for a place to call home. With such activities as the Hogs and Dogs Family Festival and numerous playing fields and sports related activities for the kids such as Little League, Soccer Association, and Football League West Richland is well suited as a place to raise a family. Throw in affordable housing and the solid job market of the area and one finds West Richland to be a winning combination.

West Richland Schools-

2 Elementary Schools

2 Middle School

4 High Schools

Please Note: school boundaries are always changing click link for more detailed information West Richland School.